Manufacturing innovative, aerospace quality advanced composite parts and assemblies from customer prints, models, and tooling.


Since 1995, Carbon Spider has been producing advanced composite material components for the motorcycle, automotive, and aircraft industries.

Carbon Spider has produced composite parts for 22 years for various motorcycle race teams. It has 22 national championships to our credit with no DNF's due to any of our race parts.




  • Tooling in wash-away plaster, high temperature salt, syntactic foam, polyester, vinyl ester, steel, carbon fiber, and cyanate esters.

  • Ablative heat shields for Delta 4 rockets.

  • Portable lightweight up-link base stations for satellite communications.

  • Miscellaneous camera covers for high altitude cameras.

  • Metallic sandwich honeycomb panels for optical research lasers.

  • Lightweight avionics covers for current military and civilian aircraft.

  • Boeing heliostat, ship borne, helicopter mast mount, and aircraft FLIR covers, hardware, and EMP shielding.

  • Carbon fiber parts for inflatable dish satellites.

  • Low- and medium-temperature tooling for civilian APU ducting.

Special Projects

  • Race car restoration for classic race cars from the 1950's through 1980's: Brabham, McLaren, Ford, Porche, and Dallara.

  • Lamborghini prepreg repair panels.

Carbon Spider